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I get to go home today thank god.

In which Stephanie plays with both lighting and dark lipstick for fun.

It’s snowing sorta.

It’s snowing sorta.

am i pretty yet. Nevermind, check out that fucking amazing Napoleon poster in the background. Do you know how happy that makes me?

Basically this is what I looked like today. idk.

Screwing around with my camera. Sigh.


taking pictures. idk. no make-up or anything just rolling around in meh feels and boredom.


hot damn, someone’s looking lovely.

Bored so I was fooling around with some lighting and some editing. Whaaaatever.

It’s the first day of classes and I look like death. :|

Bah. My hair looks more brown than black these days. Buuuuut. I’m going to be bleaching it Thursday! And then a week from then I’ll be doing it purple and blue again. c: